Best Trademark Registration in India

Patntech is one of the top firms for Trademark Registration in India. Trademark protects the name of a company, a product and a service as well as slogans and the like. Trademarks can be obtained for word marks, logos, sound marks or the shape or packing of goods. At Patntech, Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing you with the best trademark registration services in India.

Brand name registration helps protect your brand from being used by others and gives you rights to use it for your business purposes.

Best Trademark Registration in Bangalore
Trademark Search

Trademark Search

At patntech, before we file a Trademark application in India, we perform a trademark search for your mark in relevant class(es) based on the nature of goods or services. This helps to strategise the trademark registration process for your mark. Our team of trademark registration consultants provides service throughout the entire trademark registration process.

Trademark Filing in India

We file the Trademark application in the right class with the right description to ensure Trademark registration for your brand name, product/service name with broader scope.

Trademark Filing in India
Trademark Prosecution in India

Trademark Prosecution in India

It is important to provide proper written response or oral arguments to overcome the objections raised in the TradeMark examination report. With considerable experience in responding to TradeMark examination reports and capable lawyers, we ensure every legal argument is put forward to obtain TradeMark registration.

International TM / Madrid Application

In order to register a TradeMark internationally, one can choose to file TradeMark application via Madrid System, which allows an applicant to file a single TradeMark application and pay one set of fees to apply for protection in up to 122 countries by filing a single TradeMark application, or file the TradeMark application in each country separately. We are capable of handling both.

International TM
Best Trademark Registration in India

Best Trademark Registration in Bangalore India

Patntech is one of the Best Trademark Registration Consultants in Bangalore. Our team possess in-depth knowledge of Indian trademark law and procedures, giving a smooth registration process. We have successful history of securing trademark registrations for a diverse clientele and delivered exceptional results.



What is a Trademark?

Trademark is an intellectual property consisting of recognizable sign or design in order to identify products or services from a specific source or company.

What can be Registered as a Trademark?

A trademark can be any word, name, symbol etc. which is used to identify and distinguish products or services of one specific seller or service provider from those of other competitors in the market.

What is the difference between ™ and ®?

TM indicates that the trademark application has been filed and the registration is under process. An applicant can use the TM beside his brand name or logo once the application is filed. He can use it until the registration is done. After completion of registration, the TM gets replaced by ® which means the trademark registration is completed and it is valid for 10 years.

What are the advantages of registering a trademark?

Exclusive right

Brand recognition

Legal Protection

Builds trust and Goodwill

Differentiates Product/Service

What is Trademark Class?

In most jurisdictions, the products for which trademarks are registered are categorized using the 45 product classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement. Classes 1 to 34 are used for goods and classes 35 to 45 for services.

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