Best Design Patent Registration in India

Patntech is one of the top firms for Design Registration in India. Design patent protects the exterior design of a product, graphical symbols and typographic typefaces.

Our team has experienced illustrators with backgrounds in engineering, design and arts. Our team can prepare utility patent drawings and design patent illustrations from informal drawings, hand drawn sketches, photographs, scanned materials or other relevant matter. We are capable of preparing drawings as per the requirements of various patent offices such as USPTO, PCT, EPO, IPO and other patent offices.

The sample shown below is just an example to show our work. We can prepare complex drawings in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, Charts & Flow Diagrams, Timing Diagrams and other drawings required for both utility and design patents.

By securing design registration, you gain a competitive edge, gaining brand recognition and prevent others from copying the visual identity of your product.

Industrial Design Patent Registration Process

Industrial Design Registration is the process of applying for the rights to the visual appearance of a product or its parts.

  1. Contact Patntech to determine if your design is eligible for registration and to understand the requirements and procedures involved.
  2. Our team will assist you in preparing for the necessary documents, including drawings or photographs of your design, and completing the application forms.
  3. Your application will be submitted with the prescribed fee to the relevant authorities and ensure that it meets all the legal requirements.
  4. The examiner of designs will examine your application to ensure that it complies with the necessary criteria.
  5. Upon successful examination, your industrial design will be registered, and you will receive a certificate of registration, granting you exclusive rights to the design.

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